(3-4 year cutting & grazing)

3.0kg Fedoro (Festulolium Hybrid (T) NEW)
2.0kg Kireal (Hybrid Ryegrass (T))
3.0kg RGT Cordial (Hybrid Ryegrass (T) NEW)
3.0kg Seago (Intermediate Ryegrass)
3.0kg Glenariff (Intermediate Ryegrass)
Pack Size: 14kg


Heading date 21st May

Sowing Rate 14
Overseeding Rate 10
Ne Improved Formula


    • Festolium Hybrid included in the mix for persistency of yield and plant resilience
    • Top Cut uses the highest yielding Ryegrasses under conservation management
    • A cutting ley with the advantage of supplying very good grazing
    • Top Cut produces high yields with excellent recovery from cutting
    • Excellent D-values ensure Top Cut provides the highest possible quality silage
    • No clover ensures ease of management
    • Top Cut is highly digestible with excellent full season growth
    • Suitable for biogas production
    • Economy version also available.