(3-4 year cutting)

2.25kg Fedoro (Festulolium Hybrid (T) NEW)
2.35kg Kireal (Hybrid Ryegrass (T))
2.20kg Seago (Intermediate Ryegrass)
2.20kg Glenariff (Intermediate Ryegrass)
3.00kg Red Clover (GFS Blend (50% Atlantis & 50% Trevio) NEW)
Pack Size: 12kg


Heading date 21st May

Sowing Rate 12
Increased Red Clover


  • A highly productive and persistent 3-4 year Red Clover and grass ley
  • Can provide 3 cuts per year of high protein forage
  • Red Clover can fix up to 150 kg N ha (120 units per acre) annually
  • A valuable 3 – 4 year break crop fixing Nitrogen
  • Red Clover tap root improves soil structure
  • Red Clover can increase the crude protein content of the silage to approx 20%