• It is highly productive and can produce improved live weight gain in livestock
  • Improved dry matter production and quality at key times of the year. Tonic plantain can produce over 15 tonnes of dry matter per ha per year
  • Tonic has a positive impact on animal performance by improving the supply of some trace elements
  • Ideally suited to intensive or rotational grazing systems, with rapid regrowth post grazing in dry summers

Sowing Info

Sowing Rate 12.5 - 15
Overseeding Rate 10


Plantain suits a range of soil types and can be grown on its own or mixed with a grass and clover ley.

Crop Info

Tonic Plantain is a broad-leaved perennial herb with a fibrous root system that can produce a forage crop that can be fed to both cows and sheep.

As herbs, both Tonic Plantain and Puna II Chicory are ideal companions in multi-species swards along with other grasses and legumes


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