• Consistently the highest fresh and dry matter yielding variety on the 2020 & 2021 BSPB list
  • Extremely good standing power and lodging resistance in all situations (Highest BSPB scores 2020 & 2021).
  • A robust plant type with good early vigour and forage production
  • Large root system gives excellent drought tolerance
  • Big strong plant for its maturity group, with high dry matter yield
  • A slightly greener plant results in a highly digestible good quality silage is clamped with high ME
  • Exceptionally good all round disease resistance
  • Produces enclosed well-formed mature cobs


Very consistent single cross variety, producing large strong plants with very good grain fill and uniform cobs.

A dual-use maize variety with slight stay green good digestibility and excellent forage qualities making it suitable for forage or biogas.


Well suited and proven for high-yielding Biogas production.


Maturity 7

Dry Matter Yield % 107

Dry Matter % 30

Starch Content % 30

ME (MJ/kg) 11.5

Cell Wall Digestibility % 59

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