• Duxxbury combines excellent plant digestibility, energy and starch.
  • Very good grain maturity reaching advanced true cob maturity
  • Early whole plant dry down ensures good levels of dry matter in the clamp
  • Very good starch yields from the early cob ripeness
  • Excellent early vigour, standing power and produces well filled cobs reducing risk of microtoxin contamination in the clamp.
  • Duxxbury is recommended for all less favourable, marginal maize growing sites or where early harvest date is of prime importance
  • Very good eyespot resistance for an early maturing variety
  • Duxxbury offers a good balance of plant dry down and grain maturity ensuring maximum utilisation and intake.


A proven generation of early maturing maize from the same breeder as Agiraxx which has shown consistency in 5 years of National Listing Trials.

In the 2020 BSPB trials for an early variety Duxxbury achieved the best scores for early Summer Lodging, Lodging, Green Snap and Brackling, therefore ensuring reliable, easy and early harvesting.

Available with wireworm treatment (limited) Force 20 CS combined with Korit 420 FS.


Duxxbury offers very early maturity even if sown relatively late after a spring silage cut or on less favourable sites.


Maturity 11

Dry Matter Yield % 97

Dry Matter % 37.4

Starch Content % 35.6

ME (MJ/kg) 11.7

Cell Wall Digestibility % 59.2

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