(Suitable for favourable and less favourable sites)

Maturity 9
Dry Matter Yield % 108
Dry Matter % 35.25
Starch Content % 34.2
Cell Wall Digestibility % 57
ME (MJ/kg) 11.6
Pack Size – 50,000 seeds



Still the UK’s most proven allround Maize variety.

A proven generation of high intake varieties from R.A.G.T. offering maximum digestibility.

Combines high dry matter and starch yields resulting in a high energy and digestable forage.

Suitable for favourable and less favourable sites.


  • Agiraxx produces a sturdy leafy plant with excellent standing power even in exposed locations.
  • Highest dry matter yields in Kingshay trials
  • Very good grain maturity reaching advanced true cob maturity
  • In trials Agiraxx produces the silage with the highest total digestibility
  • High dry matter, starch and M.E yields ensure maximum livestock performance
  • Early leaf dry down combines well with grain maturity allowing early harvesting
  • A very bold plant with large uniform well formed and enclosed cobs
  • A robust variety with good early vigour ensures rapid establishment