• Agiraxx produces a sturdy leafy plant with excellent standing power even in exposed locations.
  • Highest dry matter yields in Kingshay trials
  • Very good grain maturity reaching advanced true cob maturity
  • In trials Agiraxx produces the silage with the highest total digestibility
  • High dry matter, starch and M.E yields ensure maximum livestock performance
  • Early leaf dry down combines well with grain maturity allowing early harvesting
  • A very bold plant with large uniform well formed and enclosed cobs
  • A robust variety with good early vigour ensures rapid establishment


The UK’s most proven Allround Maize variety.

A proven generation of high intake varieties from R.A.G.T offering maximum digestibility.

Combines high dry matter and starch yields resulting in high energy and digestible forage.

Available with wireworm treatment (limited) Fore 20 CS combined with Korit 420 FS.


Suitable for favourable and less favourable sites.


Maturity 9

Dry Matter Yield % 108

Dry Matter % 35.25

Starch Content % 34.2

ME (MJ/kg) 11.6

Cell Wall Digestibility % 57

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