(10N 40P 2Mg 11SO3 2Zn)

Premium micro granular starter fertilizer

Application rate: 25kgs / Ha (10 kg / acre)
Packed in: 10kg packs




  • Economic – cheaper per acre than traditional starter fertiliser
  • Agronomic – faster seedling and root development
  • Logistical – only 6-8 kg per acre required
  • Less soil moisture required to dissolve and make available
  • Phosphorous and zinc are especially important in the initial period of growth
  • Zinc increases the seedling resistance to environmental stress i.e. spring temperature, disease, pests and improves Phosphorous utilisation
  • Improves establishment in dry, cloudy or cold soil conditions
  • Targets nutrition where it is needed and used
  • Primary P contains a coating that enhances Phosphorous availability protecting it from cation lock up
  • Primary P in trials 11% more yield than 125 kg / ha MAP 50 and 23% more than control