(1-2 year cutting)

30% Sendero (Italian Ryegrass NEW)
30% Syntilla (Italian Ryegrass)
40% Arman (Italian Ryegrass (T) NEW)
Pack Size: 25kg


Heading date 18th May

Sowing Rate 12.5 - 15
Overseeding Rate 10
Best Seller


  • Economically priced, high yielding Italian Ryegrass mixture

  • Uses only fully listed and trialed UK varieties

  • Higher % of diploid species increases plant population and sward density

  • A very vigorous mixture, providing rapid establishment

  • Sendero and Arman newly listed with superior feed quality yields and disease resistance

  • Suited to late sowings after Maize or Cereals

  • Ideal for utilising residual soil nutrients

  • Italian Ryegrasses offer long growing seasons for cutting, do not over graze them

  • Very responsive to nitrogen fertiliser

  • Suitable for biogas production

  • Economy version also available.