(Long Term cutting & grazing)

2.0kg Moira (Intermediate Ryegrass)
2.25kg Nifty (Intermediate Ryegrass)
2.0kg Aston Vision (Intermediate Ryegrass (T) NEW)
3.0kg Aston King (Late Ryegrass NEW)
3.0kg Bijou (Late Ryegrass (T))
0.75kg GFS (White Clover Blend)
Pack Size: 13kg


Sowing Rate 13
Overseeding Rate 10
New Improved Formula


  • Hi-D combines varieties with the highest digestibility available, this produces the highest energy yield (ME) for both grazing and conservation
  • New for this year Aston Vision (Inter Tet)
  • All varieties selected have higher D Values than the average of all recommended varieties improving dry matter intakes
  • Improved the overall disease resistance
  • Improved autumn ground cover with exceptional winter hardiness for 2021/22
  • The combination of listed varieties gives Hi D the highest ground cover for improved sward density and optimum grazing performance
  • Improved balance to the seasonal growth pattern with higher mid and late season grazing yields.
  • This mixture is a carefully balanced selection of varieties to give guaranteed performance, all varieties UK listed for quality, yield, seasonal growth, persistency and disease resistance
  • GFS White Clover Blend contains proven persistent high yielding white clovers