(12N 11P 18K 20SO3 2.7MgO)

For grazing apply from mid-March and ideally again the following September.

For hay making apply early-mid March

  • Balanced nutrients for plant and animal growth
  • Easy to handle 25kg bags
  • Simple and accurate to apply

Application rate: 100 – 200kg / acre
Packed in: 25kg bags



  • A specially designed Equine paddock fertiliser
  • Unlike conventional fertiliser, Paddock Royale contains only 12% Nitrogen to give steady growth and avoid lush grass that can cause metabolic issues in susceptible animals
  • Contains magnesium to supplement the natural supply from the soil. In association with calcium and phosphate metabolism, magnesium is important for strong healthy bone growth in animals
  • Each particle of fertiliser balanced with the correct nutrients to ensure an even spread
  • Allow 10 days post fertiliser application, or until you can no longer see the fertiliser before grazing
  • Ideally take soil samples from each paddock every 3-4 years prior to applying fertiliser