(New Formula)

7% Hard fescue
30% Strong creeping red fescue
15% Amenity ryegrass
20% Chewing’s fescue
10% Smooth-stalked meadow grass
4% Crested dogstail
2% Tall oatgrass
2% Meadow foxtail
3% Alsike Red Clover
2% Small leaved White Clover
1% Birdsfoot trefoil
1% Selfheal (n)
1% Oxeye daisy (n)
1% Ladys bedstraw (n)
0.5% Common knapweed (n)
0.5% Wild carrot (n)
Pack size: 20kg (n = native)


Sowing Rate 25-50
Mowing Height 60-80
New Improved Formula


  • Long Term perennial /permanent flower, pollinator and grass mix
  • Traditional species rich grass mixture that complement the flowers & pollinators
  • Visually attractive grasses and flowers if left to go to head
  • Dense low growing clovers in the mixture will continue to flower if orchard is mown
  • Beneficial to all insects particular pollinators
  • A dense slow growing sward will be created if mown
  • If sown at a higher seed rate will help weed suppressions