• Suitable for all soil types, particularly productive in drier or drought conditions
  • Ideal for intensive rotational grazing of dairy cows, youngstock, and lamb finishing
  • Good full-season production
  • Will produce an extremely palatable and persistent sward
  • 1st cut will be taken followed by high-quality aftermath grazing (no chicory option)
  • Multi-species leys combine different plant types with complementary characteristics
  • These mixtures contain nitrogen-fixing legumes combined with nitrogen lifting grasses
  • Varying sward growth habits maximise light, moisture, and nutrient uptakes
  • Very effective at improving the soil profile with the deep rooting species
  • Enhanced production and livestock performance particularly in low input systems with reduced fertiliser
  • Improved nutritional potential from several sources of protein, energy, and minerals

Sowing Info

Sowing Rate 12.5 - 15


Long term herbal grazing ley

Can be cut and followed with high quality aftermath grazing (no chicory option option available if cutting)

A bio-diversity multi-species herbal ley which will adapt and thrive in diverse locations and soil types.

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