(Long-term herbal grazing ley)

2.00kg Fedoro (Festulolium (Tet))
2.00kg Moira (Intermediate (DIP))
2.00kg Aston King (Late (DIP))
2.00kg Bijou (Late (Tet))
1.50kg Climax (Timothy)
1.00kg Conartica (Meadow Fescue)
0.25kg Liflex (White Clover (Legume))
0.25kg Gabby (White Clover (Legume))
0.35kg Discovery (Red Clover (Legume))
0.35kg Rozeta (Red Clover (Legume))
0.50kg Puna II (Chicory (Herb))
0.25kg Tonic (Plantain (Herb))
2.00kg Rada (Vetch (Legume))
Pack Size: 14.45kg


Sowing Rate 12.5 - 15


  • Suitable for all soil types, particularly productive in drier or drought conditions
  • Ideal for intensive rotational grazing of dairy cows, youngstock, and lamb finishing
  • Good full-season production
  • Will produce an extremely palatable and persistent sward
  • 1st cut will be taken followed by high-quality aftermath grazing (no chicory option)
  • Multi-species leys combine different plant types with complementary characteristics
  • These mixtures contain nitrogen-fixing legumes combined with nitrogen lifting grasses
  • Varying sward growth habits maximise light, moisture, and nutrient uptakes
  • Very effective at improving the soil profile with the deep rooting species
  • Enhanced production and livestock performance particularly in low input systems with reduced fertiliser
  • Improved nutritional potential from several sources of protein, energy, and minerals