(Well suited and proven for Biogas and Grain production)

Maturity 8
Dry Matter Yield % 104
Dry Matter % 34.3
Starch Content % 33
Cell Wall Digestibility % 60
ME (MJ/kg) 11.3
Pack Size – 50,000 seeds



A very robust good looking hybrid with extremely good early vigour on all soil types.

In 2020 BSPB trials LikeIt shows high scores for all round disease resistance, with the best Standing power and Lodging scores.

LikeIt presents an exceptionally large cob which is fully enclosed.


  • LikeIt shows very good early vigour combine highest standing power scores
  • High cell wall and whole plant digestibility %’s in UK National List Trials
  • Good all round disease tolerance including Eyespot and Fusarium
  • LikeIt is bred from Europe’s most proven breeding programme
  • Proven to be stable in a wide range of growing and soil situations
  • A versatile variety which is reliable for forage, energy and grain production
  • LikeIt’s high energy density is ideal for rations involving high proportions of maize silage and anaerobic digestion.
  • Excellent cob retention with the highest lodging and brackling scores