(Long Term multi purpose)

2.50kg Early Ryegrass
2.00kg Intermediate Ryegrass
3.00kg Late Ryegrass
3.00kg Amenity Perennial Ryegrass
2.50kg Creeping Red Fescue
1.00kg Timothy
Pack Size: 14kg


Sowing Rate 14
Overseeding Rate 10
Suitable for Equine


  • Provides good quality, palatable grazing for horses
  • Produces a dense, hardwearing easy to manage sward
  • Creates a good crop of hay if the paddock is closed up
  • Creeping Red Fescue minimises trampling damage in wet conditions
  • Suitable for exercise ground as well as providing feed
  • Saves money on supplementary feeds
  • High seed rate ensures good establishment
  • Also suitable for patching worn paddocks