• Hi-D is made up exclusively of the very latest high-performance Aber High Sugar Grasses increasing profits per ha
  • All varieties selected have higher D Value than 76.7%, which is the average of all recommended varieties improving dry matter intakes (see graph)
  • AberGreen top performing variety winner of the NIAB gold cup for quality
  • New for this year AberLee (late dip), AberSpey (Int Tet) and AberSwan (White Clover)
  • The new Aber varieties have the highest grazing D Value: AberLee 79.3, AberSpey and AberZeus both 78.5 D Value
  • Improved the overall disease resistance AberLee and AberSpey
  • Improved autumn ground cover with exceptional winter Hardiness for 2021
  • The combination of Aber varieties gives Hi D the highest 3rd year ground cover for improved sward density and optimum grazing performance
  • Improved balance to the seasonal growth pattern with higher mid and late season grazing yields.
  • The highest 1st Cut D Value – AberLee 74.9, AberSpey 74.7, AberGreen 74.1
  • This mixture is a carefully balanced selection of varieties to give guaranteed performance which exceeds the average of the UK list for quality, yield, seasonal growth, persistency and disease resistance
  • AberSwan the medium leaved white clover which out yields all the larger leaved varieties of white clover.

Sowing Info

Sowing Rate 13
Overseeding Rate 10
New Improved Formula


Medium – Long Term dual purpose Cut & Graze

Non-Aber and Non Clover versions available

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