• Most winter hardy bulb turnip available 
  • Later maturing (90-120 days) 
  • High fresh and energy yields 
  • Easily eaten, well anchored roots 
  • Can be utilised by all stock types 
  • Very high fresh yields from large bulbs 
  • Utilise between October & January 
  • Similar feed quality to stubble turnip 
  • Can be included in Winter Graze mixture 


High leaf to bulb ratio increases protein ratio but reduces winter hardiness.

Feed Quality

Average Dry Matter Yield 3.5 – 4.5 tonnes/ha

Average Fresh Yields 38 – 45 tonnes/ha

Crude Protein 17 – 18% (Mainly leaves)

Digestibility Value 69D

Dry Matter 8 – 9%

Metabolise Energy 11MJ/kg DM Sugars DM 55%

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