(Can be sown in the Autumn)

GFSA contains 25 varieties of wildflower, mostly annual species, with a small amount of perennial and biennial flowers. It is ideal for creating an attractive display from May to October.

100% Annual non-native / hybrid wildflower mix containing hybrid species which are ideal for creating a quick splash of colour.

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Sowing info

3g/m2 or 12kg/acre

1kg covers 333m2 when sown at 3g/m2


BUniversal Bloom Annual Flower Seed Mix contains twenty four annual flower species and is ideal for creating a splash of colour and a food source for Bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

The species included in this mixture create an attractive display from May to October and is suitable for creating habitats across a diverse range of soil types. It is ideal for use in areas containing a range of micro climates or where there are no particular conditions to overcome. Please note this mixture can be sown in the autumn.