Permanent productive wetland

4.00kg LiHerald (Meadow Fescue)
3.00kg Lischka (Timothy)
3.00kg Aston King (Late Perennial Ryegrass)
3.00kg Oakpark (Late Perennial Ryegrass)
0.30kg Alsike (Clover)
0.40kg Liflex Medium (White Clover)
0.30kg Altaswede (Red Clover)
Pack size: 14kg


Sowing Rate 14


  • Species and varieties selected for wet soils, for example traditional flood plains and water meadows

  • Once established a productive meadow will evolve which will cope with occasional silt covering

  • This mixture is specifically developed to provide quality forage when sown in heavy land prone to waterlogging

  • Meadow fescue increases sward density

  • This mixture only contains long term, late heading and hardy grass species

  • Deep rooted species improve soil structure, increase field drainage and improve the mineral content of the forage

  • Late heading diploid perennial ryegrasses are the most suited perennial ryegrass for wetter conditions

  • Persistently flooded areas spring sowing is recommended to ensure establishment before winter flooding

  • Meadow Fescue and Timothy are the only other two species that will thrive in wetter conditions whilst still producing high yields and persistent sward.

  • Alsike clover is suited to a wide range of conditions and is tolerant of moderate flooding

  • Flexible mixture offering all seasons grazing and if shut up a hay or a later silage cut