Comply with Mid-Tier, Higher Tier and Countryside Stewardship Schemes. Provide important food source for farmland birds including: Yellow Hammer, Grey Partridge, Tree Sparrow, Corn Bunnit, Linnet, Turtle Dove. Encourage all seed eating bird species to visit frequent and breed successfully. Feed from 1st December-30th April filling natures ‘hungry gap’. All seed is feed quality to avoid rogue plant contamination. Small seeds can be supplied to mix with existing farm saved wheat or oilseed rape.



20% Naked Oats

20% Wheat

20% Barley

6.25% White Millet

6.25% Red Millet

7.5% Linseed

7.5% Oilseed Rape

5% Canary Seed

7.5% Sunflower Hearts


  • Ensure feed sites can be reached regularly
  • Ensure clean, healthy feeding areas
  • Rotate feeding sites around farm near AB9 wild bird seed mixtures
  • Start feeding before sown/natural food runs out
  • Match birds consumption, no seed left uneaten to avoid rodents
  • Ensure fresh supply of food is maintained
  • Spread food out, not in piles
  • Ensure birds not left hungry before natural food resources return.

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