(THE ULTIMATE Long Term Cutting)

3.50kg AberZeus (PRG Intermediate Dip)
3.50kg AberGreen (PRG Intermediate Dip)
3.00kg AberClyde (PRG Intermediate Tet)
3.00kg AberGain (PRG Late Tet)
Pack Size: 14kg


Average heading date 29th May

Sowing Rate 14
Overseeding Rate 10


  • The mixture contains excellent long term conservation grass varieties that provide abundant early season growth and maintain quality and yield throughout the season
  • Selected grasses enhance silage fermatation and forage quality
  • Leafy long term cutting ley with consistently high D values
  • Very persistent, lasting 4 years plus
  • High energy silage or zero grazing cuts all season long
  • Multicut will not go stemmy and lose forage quality mid to late season
  • Excellent ground cover for improved production, prevents weed ingress and will carry machinery
  • Improved sward density helps with soil protection
  • The highest possible energy yielding mixture under a cutting regime (MJ/ha)
  • Varieties chosen all have the highest yielding conservation yields