(2kg Red Clover & 11kg of grasses)

3.50kg Boyne (PRG Intermediate Dip)
3.50kg Nifty (PRG Intermediate Dip)
4.00kg Seago (PRG Intermediate Tet)
3.00kg Bijou (PRG Late Tet)
Pack Size: 14kg


Sowing Rate 14
Overseeding Rate 10
Increased Red Clover


  • Improving tolerances to stem nematode and sclerotinia
  • Increase the protein content of the sward
  • Improves soil structure
  • Convert atmospheric Nitrogen in to a plant usable form
  • Leave a longer period between cutting to ensure clovers fulfil their full potential (6 weeks)
  • Red Clover is low in dry matter and water soluble carbohydrates. Therefore for effective fermentation, the crop will need to be wilted and or an effective additive applied.