(5 Year Hay/Grazing Mixture)

3.00kg Temprano Early PRG
2.00kg Arelio Int PRG
2.00kg Nifty Int PRG
2.50kg Kendal Late PRG
3.00kg LiHerald Meadow Fescue
1.50kg Lischka Timothy
Pack Size: 14kg


Sowing Rate 14
Suitable for Equine


  • All diploid varieties ensure uniform leaf conditioning and drying
  • Reliable, bulky and high yielding hay crops
  • Inclusion of Timothy improves palatability and visual appearance
  • Very good all round disease resistance helps to produce a clean, dust free hay
  • Produces a softer hay than GFS Premier Haylage mixture
  • Good sward density ensures out of season grazing production, an early hard graze will improve hay quality
  • No clover and herbs ensure ease of weed control if required
  • Suitable for most soil types and field conditions
  • A very resilient and durable mixture