(High-quality forage of consistent quality and palatability with high yields of dry matter)

60% Spring Peas
40% Spring Barley
Pack size: 25-500kg


Sowing Rate 75
Undersowing Rate 40-50


  • Harvest arable silage in early August, giving the use of land for the following winter
  • A well-balanced mixture of peas and cereals sown in March / early April can be ready for harvest in 12-14 weeks
  • Can increase protein by 40-60% over straight cereals
  • A high dry matter crop that does not require wilting, with high intake characteristics
  • More long fiber to stimulate rumen – ‘scratch factor’
  • Well suited to areas of the UK where Maize production is marginal
  • A low-cost source of readily available starch and protein
  • An excellent Winter forage for dairy cows, cattle, and sheep
  • A valuable cover crop for the establishment of grass or grass and clover leys
  • High DM yields of starch and protein
  • Reliable crop with rapid germination and short growing season
  • With high intake characteristics