(20 L/ hectare diluted in 100-300 L of water)

Maize needs some 50% of its total nitrogen requirement from the 8th leaf stage through to tasseling, but a further 35% is needed to fill the cob, during August and September. However losses, due to leaching and volatilisation, of seed bed applied nitrogen may leave the crop short of essential nitrogen during these later stages of growth.

Until now there has not been a safe product for in-season supplementary nitrogen application however, trails at multiple sites across the UK have shown Efficie- N-t 28 can be effectively and safely used on maize and the results have shown an average fresh weight yield response of 13%.

Applied in July, Efficie-N-t 28 helps to meet the crop’s continuing need for nitrogen as the cobs begin to fill.




  • Average 13% increased yield over controls
  • 5 x the efficiency of soil applied nitrogen
  • Reduced nutrient losses following application and increased
  • uptake by the crop
  • Phased release over 6-8 weeks, is not prone to leaching or
  • volatilisation
  • Sticky technology ensures nearly 100% uptake
  • Scorch free and safe to apply unlike traditional foliar urea products
  • Can be tank mixed with most fungicides
  • Helps stay within N max
  • Proven over six years in a variety of forage and arable crops
  • Can be applied with a standard crop sprayer
  • Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Non Scorch Product
  • One application equates to 40 kg N / ha
  • 35% of Maize crops Nitrogen is required after tassling