Forage root crops provide an extremely cost effective way of supplementing livestock rations, during times when fodder may be scare.  They will supply substantial quantities of palatable material at relatively low production costs.

Forage Rape

is a very fast growing and leafy catch crop, it is suitable for both sheep and cattle grazing.  It has a flexible sowing period and can therefore be used to boast midsummer forage production or to fatten lambs in the autumn / winter.

Stubble Turnips

are a fast growing catch crop, that are economical to grow, they have flexible sowing dates and may be sown after first cut silage of after winter cereals.  Stubble turnips are palatable to stock and easy to digest.  They need to be grazed in situ.


is a brassica that produces high yields of leafy forage; it is economical to grow and has excellent crude protein content.  Kale can be grazed by cattle in the autumn or fed as a buffer fed during dry summers.

Hybrid brassicas

offer the highly beneficial combination of rapid growth and winter hardiness.  Swift and Redstart are the main two.

Fodder Beet

is grown as a main root crop, which requires similar husbandry to sugar beet.  It produces high yields of palatable fodder that has excellent feed quality.  Fodder Beet can be lifted or grazed in situ.


are a full season root crop which is mainly fed in situ, they can be lifted and stored.  They produce high energy winter feed, with relatively low production costs.

The above Forage Crops can also be sown as mixtures.

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