The Green Farm Seeds range of Maize varieties is complied to adapt to every segment of the UK market with variety choice being vital for eventual crop success especially if growing in marginal conditions.

The strength of the Green Farm Seeds maize portfolio is liaising with the main European breeders and continually evaluating new varieties and breeding lines. This gives us knowledge of the genetic improvements available to improve your crops.

Duxxbury (F.A.O. 160)

A new generation of early maturing maize from the same breeder as Agiraxx. Exceptionally early maturing with yield.

Agiraxx (F.A.O. 170)

The UK’s most proven and biggest selling maize variety. It has continued to receive excellent trials results especially in Kingshay, outperforming other varieties consistently in yield, dry matter, ME and starch production.  Producing the highest estimated crop value of all varieties on intermediate sites and marginal sites.

LikeIt (F.A.O. 180/190)

Showing above average digestibility with high starch yields, very uniform and fully filled/enclosed early maturing cobs, robust field and agronomic characteristics with superior early vigour, LikeIt showed the highest disease resistance and standing power in 2020 trials.

Smoothi (F.A.O. 200)

Consistently the highest fresh and dry matter yielding variety on the 2020 & 2021 BSPS list.

Rancador (F.A.O. 190/200)

A strong and versatile variety with good all-round agronomic characteristics, bred by Europe’s most proven breeding programme.

RH 10940 (F.A.O. 170)

A new early hybrid from RAGT, exceptional standing power and disease resistance.

Inoxx (F.A.O. 210)

Proven European variety with good yields, economically priced with excellent all round characteristics.

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