Green Farm Seeds Ltd is an independent and progressive seed business founded in 2005, over that time we have been building a loyal following of customers, working with British and European plant breeders.

Green Farm Seeds is based at Newent, Gloucestershire, we pride ourselves in being a specialist supplier of all Forage Seeds, Maize, Game Cover, Amenity Grass, Wildflowers, and Silage Inoculant.

We offer specialist advice and an excellent level of service on any of the products we sell. To ensure our customers always get the exact product for their requirements, we also offer a bespoke mixing service to suit individuals needs.

 Now supplying Silostop Silage sheets including Silostop MAX. 



Benefits of SilostopMAX

  • Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated.
  • Reduced labour time as its quick to use, just one layer of plastic film to apply.
  • Dry matter loss is reduced by up to 50% in the top 1 metre (3 feet) of silage
  • Aerobic stability is increased by up to two and a half days; silage at the face stays fresh and nutrient rich for longer.

SILOSTOP Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film has been and is continually independently researched and there are many published trials proving that energy crop DM losses are reduced, aerobic stability is improved and that nutrient levels are preserved at an optimum level. 

SilostopMax is UV stable but must be protected from physical damage with a SILOSTOP Open Net. Apply black side down onto the silage. It is available in a range of sizes from 10m to 27m wide and from 35m to 300m long.

 For more information and prices please call or email the office.