• Fodder Radish is a very quick growing green manure 
  • Very rapid to germinate, establish and suppressing weeds 
  • Will penetrate compacted soils with its strong deep rooting tap root 
  • Ability to draw up nutrients from the subsoil and scavenge nitrogen 
  • Fodder Radish also produces large amounts of organic matter 


Oil Radish produces large amounts of biomass and extended tap roots, making it ideal for soil conditioning. Nematode resistant varieties also have the ability to reduce beet cyst nematode (Heterodera schachtii) populations by over 90% (class 1) and 85% (class 2). 

Sowing Info

Sowing Period: Apr – Sept

Sowing Depth: 1-2cm

Sowing Rate: 10-25kg/ha

Winter Hardy: NO

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