(Long Term pasture with Timothy)

2.00kg Nifty (Intermediate Ryegrass)
2.00kg Kendal (Late Ryegrass NEW)
2.50kg Bijou (Late Ryegrass (T))
3.00kg Aston King (Late Ryegrass NEW)
3.00kg Oakpark (Late Ryegrass)
1.00kg Lischka (Timothy)
0.50kg GFS (White Clover Blend)
Pack Size: 14kg


Sowing Rate 12.5 - 15
Overseeding Rate 10


  • Improved grazing D value and ground cover for 2021
  • An extremely productive blend of the highest grazing D Value varieties
  • All varieties exhibit brilliant grazing and aftermath digestibility with good disease resistance
  • Hi-Intake’s consistent growth throughout the season allows ease of grazing management
  • Kendal has very high conservation and energy yields
  • Clover content based on highly productive well proven varieties
  • Late diploid PRGs provide excellent ground cover, persistency and winter hardiness
  • Suitable for all livestock types with no compromise on feed quality