(Landsberger Mix) 1-2 year forage and soil improver

4.00kg Italian Ryegrass Diploid NEW
4.00kg Italian Ryegrass Diploid
2.00kg GFS Red Clover Blend
1.00kg Crimson Clove
10.00kg Vetch
Pack size: 21KG


Sowing Rate 12.5 - 15
Regenerative Agriculture


  • Developed in 1928 as the Landsberger mixture a well proven, high yielding, protein rich nitrogen fixing crop
  • Deep rooting Nitrogen fixing, prolific growth with excellent ground cover and weed suppression
  • Quick and easy to establish, non-brassica, Vetches and clovers are the most prolific nitrogen fixing species
  • Suited to almost all soil types and aspects, Spring or Autumn sown
  • Very effective at seeking out, mopping up and utilising soil nutrients
  • Above average capacity for humus production and increasing biological activity of the soil
  • Versatile growth can be grazed, ensiled or mulched as a cover crop.
  • Little or no nitrogen fertiliser required
  • The ultimate winter green manuring and forage mix, that delivers high green and dry matter yields with a vast root mass