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Undersowing Mixtures


(1 year ground cover and forage)


  • To be sown after the maize has reached 6 leaf stage to avoid plant competition
  • Well suited and proven for the economic under sowing of maize crops
  • The most vigorous option available with the greatest harvest production
  • Will continue to grow late in season providing Autumn forage, green cover and exploitation of water
  • Potential of a high yielding grass forage crop the following spring
  • A robust and easy mixture to establish



Sowing Info

Sowing Rate 12.5 - 15


To be sown after the maize has reached the 6 leaf stage

Provides Spring forage, drastically improves load carrying capacity at harvest, reduces winter nutrient leaching and may provide Autumn forage.


30% Diploid Italian Ryegrass 

30% Diploid Italian Ryegrass 

40% Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass (T)

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