At Green Farm Seeds we also offer the following product ranges, which enhance and further strengthen our product portfolio.


Exclusively available on Duxxbury for 2018, Fortify seed coating improves plant vigour alongside a traditional starter fertiliser. Encourages field emergence, germination percentage and accelerates initial plant and root development

Primary P

Is a micro granular starter fertiliser for maize that helps to accelerate root and seedling development.

Efficie-N-t 28

Is the most efficient way to apply nitrogen to maize, as it releases Nitrogen over a period of 6 -8 weeks, scorch free, when the plant requires it most.

Paddock Royale

Specially formulated fertilizer for horse and pony paddocks, containing a balance of vital nutrients and only 12% nitrogen ensuring steady growth and avoiding lush grass and therefore reducing the risk of laminitis. Available in easy to handle 25kg bags.

Sports and Turf Fertiliser

We offer a range of turf fertilisers that have been specially designed to meet the requirements of amenity grasses and the environment.