Catch & Cover Crops

Catch & Cover Crop Mixtures

Green Farm Seeds offers a comprehensive range of cover crop mixtures but extends to bespoke mixtures also. Below is an outline of the mixtures we have available, for bespoke requests please call or email.

GFS Prolific

1 -2 year forage and soil improver, the ultimate winter green manuring and forage mix, that delivers high green and dry matter yields with a vast root mass. Suited to almost all soil types and aspects, Spring or Autumn sown.

GFS Grabber

Our most popular cover crop mixture comprising Rye and Winter Vetch. Slovena Vetch has a prolonged growing season and fixes nitrogen at lower temperatures than other legumes. Rye develops a strong root structure to scavenge nitrogen and suppresses weeds.

GFS Catchmore

Great mixture for scavenging nitrogen from the soil. White Mustard and Phacelia establish and grow very quickly, making this mixture particularly good for growing over the short catch crop period for EFA’s. Suitable for use as an over winter cover crop as Rye and Brown Mustard are frost resistant

GFS Autumn DM

Suitable for early Autumn sowings with high dry matter production. Phacelia puts on a large amount of growth in a short period of time. The three different rooting structures improve soil structure and scavenge nitrogen. The inclusion of Rye ensures cover through the winter.

GFS Sprinter

Specifically for early Autumn sowing where high biomass is required but the cover is not required to overwinter. Luxurial Black Oats are exceptionally quick to mature, reducing risk of unwanted seed shed. Mikaela Vetch establishes and grows quickly in the Autumn.

GFS Ecocover

Can be sown down to 25kg/Ha for the most economical cover or catch crop solution. White mustard is quick to establish and fast growing. As it is tender to frost, it is also easy to incorporate into the soil. Together with the prostrate growth of Rye, this mixture is effective at suppressing weeds.

GFS Pan Buster

A blend of three leading oil radish varieties; great for improving soil structure and suppressing weeds. sowing at 10kg/Ha encourages greater root growth to break up soil compaction. Higher sowing rates encourage greater top growth.

GFS Hydromax

Cost effective solution for fast establishment and good ground cover to suppress weeds. can be used effectively to improve soil structure and take moisture out of the soil over a short period of time. When incorporated into the soil, Brown Mustard has a bio fumigant effect.