Agricultural Grass Seeds

The Green Farm Seed range of mixtures is a complete range of premium quality Agricultural Grass mixes, which uses the best rated BSPB/NIAB listed grass and clover varieties. Each mixture has been specially formulated taking into consideration D value, ME yield, digestibility, heading date, disease resistance and suitability for the job.

The Green Farm Seeds range of grass seed mixtures consists of;

GFS Prolific

1 -2 year forage and soil improver, the ultimate winter green manuring and forage mix, that delivers high green and dry matter yields with a vast root mass. Suited to almost all soil types and aspects, Spring or Autumn sown.

GFS Heritage Mixtures

A new range based on heritage mixtures, some utilising grass species that have been lost due to modern agricultural practices.


A rapidly establishing annual catch crop species with a short growing period for silage production

Italian Catchcrop

1 – 2 year cutting mix, that is economically priced and high yielding.

Pit Filler

2 year cutting mix, a premium short term mixture based on yield and digestibility.  This mix is also available with Red Clover.

Top Cut

3 – 4 year cutting and grazing, a productive cutting ley with the advantage of supplying very good grazing. This mix is also available with Red Clover.We have added Lofa an advanced Hyrid Festulolium, to increase persistency of yield and quality.

Hi D

Longer term cutting and grazing premium quality mixture, that uses only the highest digestible and productive grasses and clovers.  This mixture offers the ultimate in grass performance.

Hi Intake

A true long term pasture mix with Timothy, an extremely productive blend of the highest grazing D value varieties

Traditional Meadow

Permanent pasture mix, that once established produces a very persistent sward of non aggressive grass species.

Horse and Pony Paddock

Long term multi purpose mix the produces good quality, palatable grazing for horses.  This mixture will also produce a crop of hay.


Mixture perfect for renovation / patching of poached or tired swards.

Premier Haylage

2 year hard Hay / Haylage mixture, this mixture has excellent disease resistance, producing a clean quality feed.

We also offer a bespoke mixing service allowing the mixtures to be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Our ranges of mixtures are held in stock and are available for immediate dispatch.

Mixtures are available with iSeed which is the economic and environmental alternative to seed bed fertiliser, for more information please download the brochure, call on 01531 822833 or e-mail


Lucerne is a deep rooting high protein crop used mainly for cutting.  The crop can last for 3-5 years and produces Nitrogen for the following crop.  Seed is sold pre-inoculated.

Puna II Chicory

Puna II chicory is a broad-leaved perennial forage crop that offers high yields of very palatable and nutritious fodder for grazing livestock.

Arable Silage

Arable silage mixtures offer an alternative or additional feed to grass or maize silage and offer farmers the opportunity to increase their levels of home produced protein.  They produce a cost effective, high quality and palatable feed.

Amenity Grass Seeds

The Green Farm Seeds range of amenity grass mixtures have been specially formulated using only the best Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) grass varieties, ensuring you get maximum performance from your grass seed.

We offer a comprehensive range of seeds for:

  • Landscape
  • Lawns
  • Sports Fields
  • Orchard Mixtures

For more detailed technical information and further information on our ranges please download our ‘Grass Seed ’ Catalogue or specific individual pages as required by clicking on the link to the right hand side.