We stock and sell the Biotal range of inoculants and yeasts.  Biotal started producing inoculants over 20 years ago; they feel that forage quality is vital to ensure optimum efficiency within a ruminant feeding system.

Biotal believe that the aim of each forage system is to produce optimum quality and home grown forage for livestock during the winter.  Whether from grass silage or additional complementary forages, the crucial part of the process, is to provide the right blend of inputs to ensure healthy livestock with maximum production levels.

Biotal have produced a range of inoculants and yeast to suit every type of forage system.  These products help to increase forage digestibility, enhance animal performance, and improve silage stability.

Biotal Axphast Gold

is for low dry matter grass silage, it improves fermentation, increase digestibility and reduces effluent.

Biotal Axcool Gold

is for high DM grass silage; it reduces yeast and mould, reduces heating and improves aerobic stability.

Biotal Wholecrop Gold

is for fermented wholecrop, improves aerobic stability, increases digestibility and increases dry matter intake.

Biotal Wholecrop Legume

for fermentated legumes, it increases palatability, improves digestiabilty and improves fermentation.

Biotal Maizecool Gold

for maize silage, reduces heating, increases digestibility and improves aerobic stability.

Biotal Biocrimp

for crimped cereals and legumes, inhibits yeast and mould, reduces heating and improves starch digestibility.

We can also offer a range of rumen specific yeasts, for dairy and beef cows, these yeasts help to reduce acidosis, improve digestions and increase feed efficiency.

Biotal Toxisorb

contains the first live yeast strain approved for feeding to Dairy cows.  Toxisorb will combat problems associated with Mycrotoxiam in feed and forage.

For more detailed technical information and further information on our ranges, please download the information by clicking on the link to the right hand side or call us on 01531 822833.